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About The Poet

Born at 1:33pm, Diana is an enthusiastic and introspective poet who writes poetry to connect with both her inner self and others. She believes that there is something universal in the uniqueness of everyone's lives and has been writing since she was sixteen. A graduate of William & Mary and Trinity College Dublin, she hopes to combine her loves for marine science and English into a career as a journalist and creative writer. For the time being, she is using her eight years of writing experience to publish personal poems and create poetry for others. She has given author talks & readings both online and in person, tutored high school students in creative writing, and served as a judge for local poetry contests

Diana’s work has been featured by the New York Review of Books and has been published in The Sucharnochee Review, Short Édition, and William & Mary’s The Gallery. Her poetry also appears in Washington University in St. Louis's Life/Lines blog and in Local Gems Press's Tea-ku: Poems About TeaHer first poetry collection The Sands of Time was published in December 2020 by Local Gems Press. Sensing, her second book, was published in June 2021 by Atmosphere Press and was met with critical acclaim by four editorial reviews. When not writing poetry, Diana can be found at the ice rink.

My latest publications


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The Sands Of Time

"A beautiful haiku chapbook... wholly uplifting."

-Stephanie Lodico, Goodreads

This collection of nearly 50 short poems considers all subjects: nature, human interactions, seasonal changes, & science -- including a handful of poems in Spanish! Here Diana showcases her creative skill through different forms of Japanese poetry (haiku, sedoka, renga, etc.). With such variety of form and content, this haikai collection has something for everyone to enjoy!

Published by Local Gems Press, 2020.

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“Haemer is a clever poet with an ability to turn cliches on their head.”

-The Independent Book Review

"Compelling, thoughtful, thought-provoking... an eloquent and deftly crafted poetic odyssey."

-The Midwest Book Review

Diana's first full-length poetry collection was published in June 2021. Sensing contains more than 70 poems written over a period of almost six years. Although she enjoys writing in a variety of forms, Diana heavily prefers free verse, often taking the time to design her own rhyme schemes and meter patterns.

Published by Atmosphere Press, 2021.

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