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Revenge of the Nerd

I’m sick.

Sick and tired

Of being cast off,

Blown off,


I’m just as smart as he,

Just as pretty as she,

So can I take the lead?


I’m surprised

I have friends at all:

I see these plastic bottles

No more than 25 hours a week

And still got some votes…

I think

I tried my best

To beat the rest,

And I must confess

I did not act like a mess:

Preparing endlessly

For my speech,

Putting up posters

To throw off the posers,

And still I lost.

Such idiotic students

I have at my school!

They clique together

Like birds of a feather

Because they think it makes them cool.

And here I am,

The stand-alone

The outsider,

A solo artist

Not trying to fit in.

Am I the only one who realizes

That none of this matters?

All these friendships

Are as effervescent as rainbows

And merely serve to

Stagnate our growth

Into grown-ups,

For how can we show

We are ready to go

Off to college if

We are mentally stuck

In this freak show?

Five selfies later and

No one has said “yep, I’d date her”?

Ooh, so many haters!

Go on, call them traitors

They never were your true friends

From the start.

Is this the world we live in,

One where the popular few

Are followed by the most?

The cool kids

Get the prizes?

Well what of me?

I’m neither cool nor hot

Not dumb but smart

And still I don’t get what I


Oh you’ve got nerve

To ignore me,

For one day I’ll be

The boss of you all.

I’ll run your world

And be that girl

Who makes real change

While you sit around

Like ants on a mound

Wishing you had what it takes

To be really, truly great.


June 2015: A few months ago I read this poem at a poetry slam and was struck by the shocked response of many of my current friends. "How could people be so mean to you?" they asked. But the quieter question was in fact: how could I stand for such disrespect? Confidently I say: I have learned from the past.


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