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The Clouds

As the soft wind dances across my face

And tourists look ’round with excited eyes

I gaze across the pretty, open space

Wond’ring if my sadness I can disguise.

Seeing all the smiling moms together

With their students, happy as can be

Makes me miss my parents more than ever

They were my door – now I don’t hold the key.

It’s hard to think that I am on my own

That none can truly tell me what to do,

I was so excited to be alone

Not thinking of how much I love them too;

Holding back the tears I settle here,

Waiting for the clouds to finally clear;


Written in September 2016: After an overload of activities during freshman orientation, I yearned for my parents’ guidance and love. I now am studying abroad and find myself similarly homesick and anxious for the hour when I will finally settle in. It is important to remember that loneliness and feeling lost are completely normal side effects of new beginnings!

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