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Cape Cod Dream

“Mommy is washing the dishes,”

They’ll tell each other

As they run around the backyard

In front of the car

In between the window panes as

I watch from within.

I stand at the sink

Scrubbing the used plates clean

Looking at my lovely children

Run and skip and shout

And enjoy the Cape

But where is my mother?

The house is made of her:

All things bear her touch

All walls are witness to her love

Her care

Her attention.

And where is my father?

His money, his land,

His patience was handy

His wealth of mind let this house thrive.

Someday I hope and pray, all three generations

Will enjoy this house together.

I will fulfill my mother’s role

And my kids mine,

But Mom and Dad

Will always be the caretakers

As I stare through the pane

Peeking through time

To see my own loves out in the yard

As I once was

I’ll wonder aloud

“Why did I not appreciate this haven


when I was young enough to know beauty?”

Please let my spirit

Stay, stay forever

In this Cape Cod dream.


Written in June 2017: I post this today with the realization that what we assume will be ours forever is not always so. Last summer I worked two jobs; my busy schedule allowed me to recognize just how lucky I was to have simple, peaceful memories of my childhood vacations on the Cape.

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