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Answers To My 3 FAQs!

Hello & welcome to my world!

I'm Diana, a 20-something-year-old published poet. Here you will find my thoughts and opinions demonstrated in various forms (mostly poetry). People often ask me why I write, how I came to share my work with you all in the first place, and what I'll be using this blog for. Well, the answers are below!

  1. Poetry is a palatable, beautiful way for people who understand complex topics to explain it to others. My goal is not to tease you with my poetry but to describe. I have only my own thoughts to interpret whatever subject passes by, and with an honesty that's rarely vague I write.

  2. A few years ago I began posting my poems on a WordPress site called Blue Sand Poetry. However, school and other responsibilities often got in the way of frequent posts, so I decided to direct my energies towards crafting manuscripts for publication. In 2020 Local Gems Press published a collection of my haikus, zappais, and other original short poetry, which is currently available at certain indy bookstores and on my website. I also spent time during quarantine rebranding my poetry posting platforms as One Thirty Three - Poetry by Diana and made a corresponding Instagram, @onethirtythree.poetry. This spring (or by June 2021 at the latest), another book of my poems will be published by Atmosphere Press. Believe it or not, I used to be scared of showing my work to others, thinking that they would be shocked to discover the "real me." But I believe the best way for me to grow as an individual is to share a version -- my version -- of our world with everyone.

  3. Although I am a huge fan of memes, GIFs, & all things silly, this blog will be an experiment in taking myself seriously. As a young author it is imperative that the comments & observations I make about important topics and events not be overshadowed by my inner (outer?) child. This blog will contain original poetry and prose writings (usually short and hopefully pleasant reads); it will also update you on publication timelines, book reviews, and anything else going on in my life that I would like to share. ALSO, I write shorts stories & op-eds in addition to poetry and academic essays, so comment below if you have any requests!

TL;DR = subscribe today (or at the very least bookmark this page) for poetry, prose, opinions, and everything in between! Can't wait to meet you all!

(you can see how successful my avoidance of Internet Culture™️ is going to be)

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