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I've started a Substack!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Hello everyone! I am starting a new newsletter about ocean, science, policy, and climate change. While I will still update this One Thirty Three website with poetry-related news and book publications, I wanted to create a collection of my prose writings. You can check it out below, and subscribe to get my ~first article~ delivered to your inbox!

Why subscribe?

The five major oceans cover 71% of the earth’s surface, yet they are consistently overlooked by scientists and policy makers alike. Each week I will publish a piece about a new discovery, policy, or a generally cool phenomenon.

Who is this for?

This newsletter aims to draw attention to a ~sea~ of issues, from ocean acidification to deep water formation. (It will also be an attempt to make as many new marine science-related puns as possible, though I will try to reign in my silliness) I believe the best way to demonstrate knowledge is to teach others, and I aim to lead scientists and non-scientists alike on a journey of marine discovery. The writing here will be based on scientific studies and policy publications, which I will read and summarize as simply as possible. My goal is that anyone with even the most casual interest in the ocean will walk away with new knowledge.

Join the crew

If you have any suggestions for topics or would like me to go into more depth about something that you find confusing, please send me suggestions! Science, particularly ocean science, can be difficult to understand — I should know after spending 4 years studying oceanography!

Thanks again; please tell a few friends. And as always, I am open to suggestion about which topics to tackle, so feel free to respond to this email! It goes directly to my inbox.

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