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From prom & college acceptances to heartbreak and personal loss, Diana Haemer’s second book of poetry represents her life’s work. Sensing is an autobiographical journey that encapsulates the essences of nature, love, loss, and family exploring a variety of poetic styles (villanelles, sonnets, haikus, et al). Written over the span of six years, this book is a collection of moments: she details what it means to grow from the pressures of being a competitive figure skater into a self-assured young adult. She tells of her travels through time and space with a distinct honesty and openness, convincing readers of her truths in a soft yet beautiful way.


Published by Atmosphere Press, June 2021.


  • "Compelling, thoughtful, thought-provoking, universal in theme while particular in person, "Sensing" is an eloquent and deftly crafted poetic odyssey which is especially and unreservedly recommended for personal reading lists, as well as community, college and university library Contemporary American Poetry collections."

    -The Midwest Book Review

    “With clarity and intense excavation, [Diana] weaves her way through the poems honestly and with a searching mind for personal landmarks... [Some poems] are singularly autobiographical, but warm and soft in tone, reflective of the good. At times it can feel like we are witnessing a meditation.”

    -The Independent Book Review


    "Look beyond the surface of these poems to discover the treasure beneath... Diana explains exactly who she is, but you can feel the emotion behind [each] poem. I recommend Sensing to anyone who enjoys poetry."

    -Reedsy Discovery

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